3 Reasons Why Product Photographers Should Use CGI to 10X Their Growth

Salma Aboukar
1 min readMay 10, 2022

If you’re a product photographer, scaling your business will be hard.

Online shopping is here to stay, and content is king. Product photos, in particular, play a massive role in consumer purchasing decisions. Product photos that tell a story yield significant returns for businesses.

We will discuss the top 3 reasons you should use CGI to scale your product photography business.

Reason 1: Scaleability

CGI saves time, and time is money! CGI makes it easier for photographers to “shoot” products from anywhere and offer more services to new and existing customers. All you need to get started is the perfect rendering software.

Reason 2: Creative Flexibility

CGI has no limits. You can design in real-time, change and do post-production in one session. You’ll have the creative edge to shoot and deliver design to client satisfaction faster and better than a traditional camera.

Reason 3: Attract New Customers

It’s easier to offer this service to existing customers and increase customer satisfaction. Having the capabilities to provide custom product photos without ever needing to ship your products is what appeals to many businesses.

As you’ve read above, it is easier to scale a product photography business if you incorporate CGI.

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