How to get started with CGI as a cosmetics product photographer

Salma Aboukar
3 min readMay 2, 2022

2 years ago I was running a cosmetic eCommerce store when the pandamic hit and was forced to cancel my product photography shoot. I knew deep down that there must be a better way to create product photos without an actual camera- that’s when I discovered CGI!

Fast forward to today, I’m able to create stunning photorealistic product photos indistingushable ftom a real camera.

If you are a product photographer here are 3 proven ways you can get started today with CGI today!

Start small:

  1. Small steps
  2. Get started with Blender, its free! Also, select a simple “hard object” — this could be a jar, bottle or atube. Creating 3D images will take time, effort and practice.
  3. Practice makes perfect

There are no shortcuts unfortunately but once you understand the principles and you start practicing you’ll see drastic results. A good tip would be to take a snapshot and print off your first ever design and keep it on your desk. Its interesting to see as time goes on the progress youve made with your images.

  1. Youtube is your best friend

Get started with Blender, that is free. It will take you years to get good of course.

I have a former colleague who is working on real movies today like the The Hobbit series and he got started in about 2000 with a small title animation of a nature documentary after working in technical graphics before and he got more and more jobs in professional CGI and got to movies in about 10 years, maybe more..

At the time I was juggling a full time job training to become a lawyer and selling my beauty sponges. Out of stock the unprecedent happeend, covid-19 derailed With covid I realised that

Next, explain to the reader why they should want to learn how to do this thing. What benefits come with learning how to do this? What can they expect as an outcome or reward?

Now say, “Unfortunately…” and then tell the reader why so many people don’t.

Here’s how I got started with CGI:

Now, list out 4–5 other reasons people don’t learn How To or struggle to make actionable progress.

  • Reason #1
  • Reason #2
  • Reason #3
  • Reason #4

Finally, give the reader a sentence of hope: you’re going to explain to them how they can overcome all these problems you just laid out!

Here’s how, step by step:

Step 1: Tell the reader exactly what to do. Be specific!

In this first sentence, tell the reader why it’s so important.

Next, give them a few quick examples. Either tell them how to do this in more detail, or maybe tell them a quick story of how someone else put this into action and what reward they unlocked as a result.

Step 2: Tell the reader exactly what to do. Be specific!

Now, in this first sentence, tell the reader where so many go wrong when it comes to this second step.

Next, give a few quick examples. Explain why, in more detail, this is a mistake so many people make. And then, tell the reader what they need to do to avoid it.

Step 3: Tell the reader exactly what to do. Be specific!

In this first sentence, motivate the reader by telling them of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Explain what this step, and the others before it, all ladder up to. Be specific, and give the reader hope as to what they can expect as a result of taking these steps.

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