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These 3 tools changed the way I work, forever!

Salma Aboukar
2 min readApr 25, 2022


Quick background: I’m currently working full time creating a content creation platform, which means most of my days are hectic.

Last year I made a pivotal observation and realised a flaw in my work habits.

Working crazy hours non-stop, accomplishing very little and no social life led to my mini burnouts every quarter

Thankfully, my burnout didn’t last for more than two weeks, disrupting my mood, routine and overall productivity.

I now only work 8 hours a day and have seen a significant increase in productivity -which means I have free time for my hobbies and social life.

Here are my top three tools that changed the way I work forever:

  1. FocusMate: this has been an absolute game-changer for me. This productivity tool utilises body doubling and matches you with other “mates”. This tool has helped me kickstart my tasks, especially when procrastinating or when I’m stuck on something. Having someone “there” holding you accountable motivates me to complete my tasks even when I don’t feel like it.
  2. Focus Keeper: Imagine time management and accountability combined. Insert FocusKeeper. Not only does it help me focus on my tasks, but it also manages my time. It works for me because of the sense of urgency you feel when you set your timer- I like to keep the ticking sound on as it strangely keeps me focused.
  3. Time Blocking: Blocking out time in 4-hour chunks a day before helps me stay on track and accomplish my goals. I effectively time block by: Starting work at 8 am -12 pm, an hour lunch break and then resume work from 1 pm-4 pm- this has helped me maintain a productive structure and frees up my evenings.

Having these systems in place enables me to accomplish measurable progress in my professional and personal life.

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